Opening service center near you soon.

Opening to thinking service center near you. Yes we are thinking to opening too much service center all over the country. In our service center you could get your every gadgets parts. It does not mean that this is not our products you have to move from this center to others. We notice some points. When some one’s gadget got damaged by any cause this time he or she has to pay a lots of money and lots of time. When the persons visit any near about service center in maximum case he or she has to face with some basic problem. First of all in maximum case parts is not available. So he has to keep this to there for a minimum days of 10-15. But why this. Why they have to be harass. Gadget could be damaged any time. This is not in our hands. But why the parts are not available? Whose fault is this? If the fault is by the service center then why they are on the market.


Exactly this is the main cause for opening the service points. We want to give people a satisfied service. This is not possible for any service center for keeping all brands every parts to them. But this is possible to do arranged as soon as possible.  In our service points from opening to end for every day we could assure that if there is time on this day your gadgets will be ready to use again. In other case if you already running any service center you have one options too. You can upgrade your service center with us. After up gradetion you can also give the best service to your customers also. After up greadetion we could make serve your needed gadgets parts. Now if you also like to opening your own service center with a tie up with us. This is also can be happen. For everything just contact us at