Opera Browser with integrated WhatsApp & Facebook

Opera is one of the best browser according to user experience. in maximum smart phones we can see few Pre-loaded applications. i am sure that you may find opera browser there. if we talk about this browser as a smart phones application then we can see there 100 M plus downloaded with a 2 M reviews. in opera browser you can make your application home page as you like. there are the best user friendly option that you can make bookmark of those website which are very much important to you.

Now with the latest version of this opera mini browser you have two more Pre integrated option. Facebook and WhatsApp. i think generally this two apps is one of the most important and famous apps in the social media. now opera mini giving that facilities that we can make chat while browsing. so if you are looking one browser from where you should make work and stay connected with your friends and family or any one else then my suggestion to download this famous browser. fast, secure and user friendly this all words now we can say for this browser. if you are thinking to download it just click at the Download option below the picture.