Say brand multimedia mobile phone

Say can you imagine that it’s should be a name of a mobile brand? Yes this is now possible. This is a mobile brand and its calling say. In the world of smart phones if we are talking about one keypad old style phone what you should think? This would be very odd to you. But I am asking one think. How much time are you talking with your mobile in a day? One hour or two hour? Is your smart phones gives you the opportunity to talk more than two hours continuously and it’s still have 90 percentage of battery charge. I think the answer will be no. if the battery capacity under 3000 mAh then? The talk time will be 3 hours but after it? You have to charge it for 2 hours to use it again. And there is also other things that you \have to think. If the signal strength in your area is low then? The battery will be automatic going slowdown. And the talking matters are another issue. So I think we can’t ignore keypad mobile when there is a question of talking continuously.


Now this is a mobile brand name is say.  You should also love to use the say mobile if you know its amazing features in a very low budget phones. First of all the main things to know for you that the body of this mobile built with full rubber protection. Are you get surprised? Can you imagine the full body with rubber? Yes say mobile has this. Some more features you should know about this mobile. Say mobile has the full glossy keypad. And for camera lovers this mobile think also for you. So that there you can get a 4 megapixel camera.  But this is now just a mobile. This is a full multimedia mobile. For giving gift to your love ones or to anyone who is most important to you this will be the perfect one.