SHAREit best Apps for share anything

SHAREit is one of the most popular apps which is available in play store at the first row. today i am going to tell you about this apps. just remember before few years when the android was in beginning mood, and we all are using key pad or qwerty key pad mobile, we all used Bluetooth for sending or transferring anything from our mobile to another mobile. the worst thing of then was that it taker too much time for sharing or transferring anything which was not too big, if it was a big file then we don’t know how much hours it’s going to take time. but what is the difference from then and now, when there is android in every one’s hand?

Now at the time of smart phones we need only few seconds to share anything. but how? just open play store on your smart phone and download one apps, name is SHAREit. install it successfully and be ready for ultra fast sharing facilities. Now if in your phone there has SHAREit then you can send any file that’s not a matter that it is a short or big or very big file or files. you can send, transfer, or share picture, videos, apps, songs, games and many more thing through this android apps SHAREit. just try it. if you are not sure to find the apps properly then just click the download option here below the picture and be ready to enjoy the service.