World first 64 MP camera mobile by Samsung


World first smart phones from Samsung where customers are now ready to get first ever 64 MP camera. according to ET News the Korean website there is a report about Samsung Galaxy A70S that as soon as possible Samsung going to launch their first mobile with a 64 MP sensor camera. and according to the same report this up gradation will come out next year. if this report come true then it will break the report of Sony IMX586 record. and will be the first smart phones with a camera of 64 MP sensor. according to another one report that in the time of middle this year Samsung going to upgrade their smart phones A70S with the new the new GW1 64 MP camera sensor . and it will become world first smart phones which has 64 MP sensor camera. now it’s your time to speak about this world famous smart phones. if you want to know more about others smart phones world wide click here. if you want to know more about this update click here for best information.